1. American Dream

American Dream- I wrote myself an anthem! hahaha! Hopefully it resonates with
someone out there...in the song’s opening line I clearly state what I do NOT want to be
as a man, and then proclaim what I am attempting to be: an empathetic, moral and
positive person, always striving to do better and to hopefully be of service to the greater
good. Musically, my wife says my style here reminds her of Neil Diamond’s dynamic
pop rock with a powerful melody and raucous vocals. I’m cool with that! Towards the
end of the song I was channeling ‘The Edge’ (U2’s guitarist) with my electric guitar
effects and leads. That felt good!


American Dream- Larry Keel

I don’t wanna grow up to be another angry old white guy!
Self-important, and all wrapped up in his white lie.
It’s best when I spread happiness around,
Not bringing everyone around me down.

I don’t wanna grow up in a world that’s filled with hate.
I’d rather look at our differences and relate.
Help everyone achieve most anything,
So they don’t sleep through their American dream.

I like to look around and see the face of a smiling child.
In an out-of-control world that always seems to be running wild.
Protect and nourish love for family
Cause that’s what means the most to me.

I just wanna be happy and spread it around like wildfire!
To be better than the rest, I have no desire.
To help, and not harm my fellow man,
To listen in love and do the best I