1. TRY

Try- This is just my rockin-out way of saying what it’s like to work on ‘figuring it all
out’.. you know, all life’s mysteries and challenges.. big concept, simple approach: all
you gotta do is TRY. Musically I’m going for that Bo Diddley, syncopated beat.. like a
grungy, pumped-up blues. I had fun stretching out my limited upright bass skills on this
tune, even taking a short solo in one section and doing a picking technique on the
strings while i slid my fretting fingers down the neck to make a wild, siren sound.


TRY- Larry Keel

Just tryin to get my head on right- feels like a never ending night.
Can’t line my ducks up in a row- being pulled in by the undertow.

Tryin to right all my wrongs- where have all the hours gone?
Need a change in my forecast- weathering the storms that pass.
Chorus: ‘TRY!’

Money it just brings me down- trying not to run aground.
Just gotta keep my ship afloat- maybe I need a bigger boat!

It’s mighty good to be seen- better go and count my beans.
Tomorrow is another day- work my 8 and take my pay.
Chorus: ‘TRY!’