‘Nightmare Gig from Hell’

so, we’re included in this book-   one of our very own ‘nightmare gig from hell’ stories!



What do you say to a naked sheriff?

What song do you play when you’re being robbed at gunpoint?

What happens when a swanky Cabaret performance turns into a virtual vomit-fest?

And when you’re stuck on a frozen, high mountain pass with no way down—who gets eaten first: the drummer or the roadie?

These scenarios, plus many more, told by musicians, artists, and managers—in their own words—make up “Another Nightmare Gig from Hell.”

Presented by Nick Zelinger and Tammy Brackett, “Another Nightmare Gig from Hell” offers up the humorous, sometimes scary, mundane, and downright touching stories of what musicians encounter in the studio, on the road, plying their craft, and enduring another possible “nightmare.”

Volume 1 features true stories from:

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Sol Driven Train

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band


Michael J. Epstein, The Motion Sick

Larry and Jenny Keel

Adam Sankowski

Andrew Gedacht, The Roast Beef Curtains

Kenny Perkins

Neil Haverstick

Clay Kirkland

Ethan Anderson, Massey Ferguson

Kev Rowe

Nathan Khyber

Donnie Christianson

Paul Frazier

Steve DisCiullo, The Lester Lee Band

Michael Russo

Andy Wilkinson

Mark Stevens

Chris Duvall, Flat Front Tire

Johnny Walker

Lem Genovese

Chris Sheehan, Johnny Action Figure

Steve Lott

Doug Meacham, New Method

Jim Dailakis

Steve Cook, Promoter

Matthew Moran

Greg Hammond

Dayna Steele

Rickey Godfrey

Steve Stoeckel, The Spongetones

Natalie Nicole Gilbert

Chuck Haven, Signal 99

Stephen Simmons

Charlie Ferril

Ian Randall Wilson

Kama Linden

Tammy Brackett

Nick Zelinger

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