Bluegrass Underground w/ LKE in the Volcano Room

The Larry Keel Experience will play the Volcano Room at  Cumberland Caverns on Sept 13th 2014 at 1pm.

Bluegrass Underground is a radio show recorded live 333 feet below ground at Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, Tn inside of what was named by the first people to behold the natural amphitheater, The Volcano Room. Here water and time entwined 3.5 million years ago to create one of the most acoustically pure natural spaces on earth. No man-made sound reaches the Volcano Room and the living rock hued amid the eons is jagged and uneven, providing limited echo.

The primordial silence and perpetual darkness give way each month to the sounds of the finest music of the greatest bluegrass musicians on earth. Regardless of outside temperature, the Volcano Room is a constant 56 degrees.

Your experience at Bluegrass Underground begins at Cumberland Caverns in the light of day. Tour guides lead you through the cave entrance and into another world. Your subterranean descent takes you past underground pools and waterfalls and to the Volcano Chamber where you will enjoy music in a venue unlike any other you are likely to ever experience! And don’t worry about silencing your cellphone…you won’t find any service here.

Bluegrass Underground is taped once a month and tickets can be purchased either  on our website or at the box office at Cumberland Caverns the day of the show.  All tickets are will call and can be picked up at the box office on the day of the show. The box office opens two hours prior to show time.  All sales are final. All tickets are general admission and there are a limited number of seats in folding chairs right in front of the stage that are first come/first serve, so arrive early to sit close.  The first group will be escorted Underground one hour prior to showtime, groups will than be brought down every 15 minutes up until showtime.

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