2013 Festivals

We are super excited to be a part of all these wonderful festivals for 2013. Each one is unique and different with one thing in common and that is the quality and relaxed atmosphere that only music and setting can bring. Please come support these wonderful events and please don’t forget to let everyone know that Larry Keel and Natural Bridge is one of the many reasons you are attending these events. Thanks to all the bands and promoters for making 2013 another fantastic year. See ya at the dance!!

SUWANNEE SPRINGFEST @ http://www.suwanneespringfest.com/

TUCK FEST @ http://usnwc.org/tuck-fest-event

EARTH DAY JAM @ http://landtrustcnc.org/2013/earthdayjam/

RIVER CITY CHALLENGE @ http://www.rivercitychallenge.org/

SPRING PICKIN @ https://sites.google.com/site/monkeylionproductions/spring-pickin

ROOSTER WALK  @ http://roosterwalk.com/

AIKEN BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL @ http://www.aikenbluegrassfestival.org/

DEL FEST @ http://delfest.com/

TROUT AND TUNES III @ https://www.facebook.com/events/400413490047878/

APPALACHIAN UPRISING @ http://www.appalachianuprising.net/

JOHN HARTFORD MEMORIAL FESTIVAL @ http://www.johnhartfordmemfest.com/

HEARD IN THE BURG @ http://www.heardintheburg.com/

STILLS IN THE HILLS @ http://www.7springs.com/

SECOND ANNUAL MAD TEA PARTY JAM @ http://www.appalachianjamwich.com/

BLUEGRASS IN PARADISE @ http://www.bluegrassinparadise.org/

RED WINGS ROOTS FESTIVAL @ http://www.redwingroots.com/

CLEAR MOUNTAIN VIEW FESTIVAL @ http://clearmountainviewmusicfestival.com/

NORTHWEST STING SUMMIT @ http://www.stringsummit.com/

WATERMELON PARK FEST @ http://www.watermelonparkfest.com/

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