10 Albums From 2012 That Bluegrass Fans Might Enjoy

Anyone who’s ever tried to persuade a committed bluegrass fan to listen to other styles of music knows that such an endeavor is about as easy as getting a vegan to eat a bone-in rib eye. So finding new releases that bluegrass fans might enjoy is no small feat. But the albums listed here might just fit the bill — because while they’re not bluegrass, per se, they all have rootsy pedigrees. Indeed, these records should get even the most persnickety bluegrassers humming along.

Larry Keel & Natural BridgeClassic
With Classic, guitarist Keel takes bluegrass down the rabbit hole and adroitly unites the old and new. Too skilled of a musician to kowtow to traditional dogma or modern contrivances, Keel takes possession of the ancient tones, puts his own spin on them and delivers a jamgrass collection that’s really a traditional record in disguise.

  – CMT

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